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SILO was a devised performance that presented a group of people in the process of discovering their ‘way’, with the audience invited to witness their idiosyncratic attempts at transformation and collective autonomy.  

In developing this work I was drawn to the worlds of alternative communities, cults, hippie communes, evangelism, the self-help industry, EST and new age mysticism. 


References included Adam Curtis' documentary 'All Watched Over By Machines of Love and Hate', grainy video recordings of The Living Theatre, television interviews of Ayn Rand, Buckminster Fuller and his Geodesic Domes, the Jonestown massacre, and Irish for dancing.

These various inputs acted as reference points for the ensemble and myself, as we navigated the uncertain process of making a performance from scratch, using the bodies and imaginations of the performers and what they brought to my provocations, suggestions and ideas as director. 


What we arrived at was our own strange ritual.

Co-devised and performed by UOW Bachelor of Performance students 2016.


Images by Adele Masters

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